Benefits of Spa Marvel - Reduce Chemicals & Maintenance

Are you looking to reduce on overall chemicals, increase water longevity, and /or condition the water? Spa Marvel could be the missing ingredient to your maintenance program.

Spa Marvel is an enzyme based product that helps break down bacteria naturally. Reducing the overall amount of chemicals that you will need to maintain your water and in return keep Total Dissolve Solids (TDS) at a lower level for longer. Why is that beneficial? TDS are the total amount of solids that are in the overall content of water. Those include chemicals, phosphates from organic matter, oils, deposits from use, and anything that has fallen in the hot tub over time. TDS levels can help indicate when is a good time to completely drain and refill the spa. Not increasing TDS levels as fast means that you can use the same water for longer. Reducing on the need to clean as often and allowing to skip over the winter months. Read on to find out more about Spa Marvel:

The Main Benefits to Spa Marvel

  • Reduces and eliminates cases of itching, rashes, odours and coughing that can be associated with spa use.
  • Reduces or eliminates the harsh effect of hot tub sanitizers for those with sensitive skin.
  • Helps to prevent foaming and scum lines.
  • Minimizes scale build up from occurring in the spa’s plumbing.
  • Improves filter efficiency.
  • Enhances chemical treatment. You will use considerably less sanitizer to maintain levels than you would without Spa Marvel, which allows for less chemical wear and tear on lids, jets and equipment and results in increased spa longevity.
  • Supports optimal water balance. The ongoing need to adjust pH and alkalinity is greatly decreased when using Spa Marvel for your spa water treatment.
  • As an all natural hot tub treatment, Spa Marvel conditions hot tub water for sensitive skin. People with eczema and psoriasis love using Spa Marvel as it often improves their condition.
  • While a registered hot tub sanitizer for sensitive skin simply does not exist, this natural spa solution allows you to eliminate and greatly reduce many of the chemicals used in spa water treatment. Spa Marvel is as close as you’ll ever get to that chemical-free spa water feeling.
  • Softens and moisturizes skin.
  • Is gentle to skin, hair and bathing suits.
  • Absentee spa owners can expect clear and clean water after being absent for months at a time.
  • Is easy to use. One bottle of Spa Marvel treats your hot tub water for 3 months with regular use; and 1 month in a swim spa.
  • The all natural formulation provides for the ideal spa solution for the eco-conscious spa owner.
  • Spa Marvel natural hot tub treatment provides for water so soft and clean you won’t feel the need to shower after using your spa.
  • Makes owning a hot tub hassle free.

How does it work?

The enzymes contained in Spa Marvel Hot Tub Treatment & Conditioner are derived from plant extracts.  Unlike chlorine, which sanitizes and essentially kills bacteria, the enzymes in Spa Marvel Hot Tub Treatment & Conditioner help to remove the food (organic matter) necessary for bacteria to live, which is in part how lakes and aquariums can maintain themselves without using chlorine. Spa Marvel Hot Tub Treatment & Conditioner clears the path for chlorine allowing it to work much more efficiently.  In other words, it will take a LOT less chlorine to maintain desired levels with Spa Marvel in your spa than without.

Spa Marvel is a spa solution that reduces and eliminates many of the harsh chemicals used in traditional spa water treatment. Spa Marvel also conditions water for sensitive skin, leaving it feeling silky and soft;  people with skin ailments such as eczema and psoriasis often find that their condition improves simply by using Spa Marvel as part of their spa water treatment regimen.

Registered hot tub sanitizers for sensitive skin simply do not exist, but using Spa Marvel as part of your spa water treatment program is as close to chemical free as your spa will be!


Step #1 – Using Spa Marvel Cleanser to purge the spa 

  • Prior to changing the water, ensure that all jets, air controls and water features are open, and that any diverter valves are midway. Remove your filter, add 1 full bottle of Spa Marvel Cleanser to your existing spa water (add 3 bottles to a swim spa). Run the jets on high speed for 1 hour, and then leave the Cleanser in the spa on regular cycle for at least another 23 hours.
  • Drain the spa.

Step #2 – Using Spa Marvel Water Treatment and Conditioner

  • Fill spa and install clean filters as per your spa manufacturer’s directions. If using well water or poor quality source water, use of a pre filter such as the X10 Water Filter is strongly recommended.
  • Heat water to desired temperature.
  • Add 1 full bottle of Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner for ALL tubs up to 500 gallons (2,000 litres). In a swim spa add 1 bottle per month. In a swimming pool use Pool Marvel.
  • Ensure that the spa is programmed to filter a minimum of 6 hours a day. Spas with low-volume circulation/hush pumps should be programmed to filter a minimum of 18 hours a day (24 hours a day is preferred).
  • Add sanitizer as per your professional spa retailer’s guide­lines.
  • Balance alkalinity to between 80-120 ppm if necessary (unless otherwise directed by your professional spa retailer).
  • Balance pH to between 7.2 and 8.2. This is a range broader than one would use with traditional spa water products, but when using Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner this range is acceptable and will not be of detriment to you or your spa.

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