How to Improve your Sand Filter Efficiency

Improper filtration is the leading cause in water troubles. We often think that more chemicals will help us resolve our water troubles. Although this can be true, it is simply a temporary fix when it has to do with older filtration sand or improper circulation. 

What is filtration sand? Most common form of it is called Silica sand. Easiest way to explain it, is to compare it to a hand. Spread your fingers apart and picture particles getting caught between your fingers. Eventually you will no longer be able to caught more particles, which is the similar effect with Silica sand. Silica Sand in the right size filter for the amount of water your pool has will typically last 3 years before it reaches its changing point. This being said, the lifespan of silica sand can change from one pool to another depending on the pools general maintenance and algae bloom treatments. If you have a few algae blooms and are required to treat it, you will likely use your sands lifespan a little faster than someone who does not have any.

So how do we help extend the lifespan of our filtration sand to insure that we have the easiest time maintaining the pool and spend less money on clarifying chemicals?

1. Number one thing that will drastically help improve your filtration is soaking and clean of the sand at least once a season. That can be done in the beginning of the season or at the end of it. 

2. If you clean your sand once a season, make sure to fully replace it after a maximum of five seasons. Starting with fresh sand will only mean that particles will better be picked up, hence, less chemicals needed to clarify the water.

3. Double check your pressure on your filter at least once a week, backwash if your clean pressure has increased by 10psi compared to your clean pressure. Not sure what your clean pressure is? With new sand typically clean pressure is between 10psi and 15psi. 

 4. Making sure that your return eye is pointing down at a 45 degree angle away from the skimmer will help increase circulation and insure that the full pool is circulating and not only the top.

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