On Ground Pools - The Perfect Pool for any Backyard

Whether you are interested in getting an above ground pool or an in-ground pool the on-ground pools offer a variety of benefits that works with any property. On-ground pools can be installed on flat or sloped land. They can be installed at any height. 

Benefits of an On Ground:

  • Pre-made kits which offer a quicker installation compared to an in-ground pool
  • Lower cost than an in-ground, while being able to be completely leveled with the ground like one. Typically between $15,000 and $30,000 depending on size, shape, equipment, and landscaping.
  • Offers a more open concept look than typically above ground pools
  • Easier to self-install if you are a handy individual that wants to tackle a summer project. 
  • Many finishing options available for the exterior of the pool which allows you to customize your pool while being affordable. Can be customized by using aluminum, vinyl, resin/composite, brick, and wood siding. 
  • Made of strong galvanized steel which is better for ground movement prone backyards. Designed to withstand winters harsh freezing and thawing.

Things to consider and know when purchasing an on-ground pool:

  • It is made of Steel therefore not recommended for a saltwater system unless it is grounded by an electrician
  • The exterior is exposed Steel, most consider covering it up with materials to add to the design of the pool. Our Harmony Model already includes resin brick as an exterior, however, are only offered as semi-in the ground.
  • On ground pool involve a lot of digging which will require equipment. Re-sodding and dirt-moving will likely be required once the pool is completed. 


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