Start Up Instructions for New Spa Owners

Like any new purchase, the set up and maintenance can sometimes feel overwhelming when you have never done it before. The following instructions are our recommendations on how to start up your spa, maintain it, and winter advice.

Purchasing a hot tub should be exciting and something to look forward to! 

Tips for starting up are the following:

  • When filling the spa, you want to make sure that the jets are all open (turned to the left side), filters are out of the skimmer area, and the garden hose is added in the filter hole. This will help prevent any air locks and allows the hot tub to function properly when starting it up.
  • Once the water has reached the skimmer height (water line marked), you can start the spa. It will take a few minutes to start up and initialize.
  • I would then set the temperature point that you want on the topside (operating board on top of the spa). I recommend starting around 98 degrees and working your way up from there to your liking. Average person keeps their hot tub at 102. Maximum it will go to is 104.
  • The tub is set in beginner mode which is what I would recommend as it offers 6 hours of filtration and helps lower the chemicals required by passing water more often through the UV Optimal system.
  • Once a week I would recommend testing the water from home with test strips.
  • I would recommended getting a water sample of the starting water and bring it in so that we can balance the Alkalinity, Calcium, and pH levels. Water sample in store are encouraged once a month. They also help reinforce warranty claim if ever needed.
  • Once the spa has been balance it is ready to use.

Maintenance Instructions / Overall Tips

  1. Recommend rinsing the filters frequently to help lower on chemicals for clarifying, specially if you have extra people using it. Once a month minimum.
  2. We have free water analysis and recommend bringing a water sample in at least once a month.
  3. Every 3 months it is recommended to soak them in a filter cleaner solution for best results and to extend their lifetime from 6 months to 1 year
  4. One a year, if filters are cleaned, it is recommended to replace them.
  5. Spa should be flush at the maximum every 6 months. To consider is the type and amount of use it is getting, if you are heavier users, you can extend the life time of the spa by draining water and readding fresh water into it. We check for Total dissolved solids in store and can let you know when this would be recommended.
  6. Cover and pillows should be cleaned at least twice a year using Optimum to help preserve their color and material.
  7. Pool chemicals should never be used in a spa
  8. Liquide chlorine is also never recommended and will cause the acrylic to blister

Winter Use Advise

  1. Be careful when clearing snow off the cover, you want to make sure that you are not ripping the vinyl. Soft brush is recommended over a shovel or ice scrapper.
  2. Avoid snow from building up on the cover and the cover lifter. Build up will wear it down faster and make it harder to use.
  3. If jumping in snow and in hot tub, you may need to add phosphate rem to your maintenance chemicals to help breakdown the organic matter being dragged in spa, doing so will prevent the water from getting foggy and causing chlorine blockage.
  4. Check on the spa minimum once a week. The tub is designed to hold heat for at least 7 days during cold temperatures, however if you experience a power outage the breaker will not reset and you will need to do so manually.

Accessories and Extras available

  1. Booster seats for lower stations / shorter users
  2. Fragrances to help eliminate the chlorine smell and condition the water
  3. Towel holders / racks
  4. Scum Bugs to help eliminate oils in the spa, recommended for heavier users
  5. Cover Lifters to assist with the removal of the cover
  6. Entrance Steps
  7. Handrails for ease in and out

Very Important

  1. Do not use the spa at a higher temperature than 90 degree if you are pregnant or have heart conditions
  2. Children should not use spa for longer than 20 minutes when the temperature is above 95 degree

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