Trouble Shooting Common Issues

 Trouble Shooting Common Issues:

Bubbles coming out of the return jets could be a result of:

  • Water being too low in the pool
  • Air getting in the line from a lose fitting
  • Skimmer basket being too full


Vacuum losing suction could be a result of:

  • Pressure in the filter increasing too high, resulting in the need for a backwash
  • Vacuum equipment not being hooked up properly
  • Pump not being on
  • Water being too low in the pool
  • Old pressure gauge, they need to be replaced every year
  • Sand or filter being too old, happens on 3rd year +, follow Opening and Closing Seminar instruction for maintenances needed on filters at the end of the season or the beginning of it
  • The skimmer not being isolated for those with a main drain

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