Trouble Shooting Your EVAC Automatic Vacuum by Hayward

  • If the cleaner fails to pick up fine or heavy debris:
    • It may be clogged. Clean the filter. A filter cleaning solution can be used to remove excessive dirt and/or sand.
  • If the cleaner starts working momentarily but then stops working:
    • Impeller may be clogged or jammed with debris, check and clean if necessary following the instructions in the maintenance section.
    • Brush roller or drive tracks may be stuck, check for debris and clean if necessary.
    • Cleaner performs by both timing and a pool wall detection sensor, whichever comes first.
  • There are 3 intake ports located at bottom of filter bucket and near the brush roller, check for debris and clean if necessary.
  • Cleaner may get stuck if a high main drain is installed in the pool. Cleaner may remain lodged on the drain for a short period of time, but will eventually free it's self by virtue of the cleaner's embedded program.
  • Cleaner performance: Confusion may exist over the perception of how the cleaner operates at different times during each cycle. It is important to judge the performance of the cleaner by observing improved pool cleanliness after the cleaner has run a complete cleaning cycle.
  • If a cleaner has poor coverage of the pool in one cycle or only covers a small area, check the filter and clean if necessary and make sure the unit is not getting caught on drains, in-floor cleaning heads or toys. The user may try starting the cleaner in different locations to find the optimum cleaning location.
  • If debris falls from cleaner while removing from pool, it may be caused by filter overload, increase frequency of filter cleaning. Assure that there is no large debris blocking any of the three intakes. Large debris must be removed from the pool before using machine. If drain flaps are out of place or stuck by sand or leaves in the open position, the flaps can be snapped back into place, after cleaning the area.
  • If the flotation cord gets twisted which can be caused by the cleaner getting stuck on large objects such as rocks, toys or main drains, it can be straightened by laying the flotation cord at full length (if possible) in the sun; heat from the sun will help reduce the twisting.
  • If a high level of debris is visible through the dome windows, remove cleaner quickly from the water to reduce the chance of the debris escaping the filter bucket and reentering the pool.
  • If you observe the cleaner spending more than the preferred amount of time on the walls/tile line, return the float position to position I (center/default position).

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