What Do I Need To Know Before A Water Test

If you are a new pool or spa owner we highly recommend coming in for a free water sample! We will print you off a step by step sheet listing how much of each chemical you need and how long to wait in between adding them. We recommend bringing the water in a plastic container.

Things we need to know before testing your pool water:

  • Salt water or chlorine?
  • Pool dimensions? 
  • Sand filter or cartridge?
  • Water source (well or city) ? 


Things we need to know before testing your spa water:

  • Chlorine or bromine?
  • How many liters of water is in the spa?
  • How old are your filters?
  • When was the last time your spa was drained?
  • Water source (well or city) ?


* If you purchased a pool or spa from us we will have most of this information on file*

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