How to go from Algae Green to Clear

Algae is a common problem when it comes to reopening your pool. Algae blooms very quickly when the pool water is not circulating and outdoor temperatures are rising. Luckily there are quick ways to fix an algae problem and get your pool water crystal clear.

First, you must ask yourself a few questions:

1. Is my pump running 24 hours per day, 7 days a week? High speed or low speed?

2. Where is my return jet (eye) pointing? 

3. How old is my sand? Does it need to be replaced or cleaned using Filter Cleaner?

4. How old is my cartridge in my cartridge filter? Do they need to be replaced or cleaned with Filter Cleaner?

It is very important to have good circulation at all times in order to have proper filtration. The return jet (eye) must be facing at a 45 degree angle downwards and away from the skimmer. This will allow the full body of water to get filtered rather than just the surface of the water. If you notice ripples on the surface of the water from the return, your jet is not positioned properly. 

If you have a sand filter, it is recommended to change the sand every 3 to 5 years. If you have a cartridge filter, it is recommended to change the filter every 2 to 3 years. With both a sand or cartridge filter it is very important to clean them with Filter Cleaner at least once per season. If you have a DE filter, it is required to clean it out every season by pressure washing (at a safe distance!) and to soak the fingers into a cleaning solution. In order to clear the water of a pool and keep it clear, filtration is key! Proper filtration will also lower the cost of chemicals needed to clarify the water.

So, where do we start?

1. Scoop leaves and vacuum as much as possible. Even if you cannot see the bottom of the pool, this is still very important!

2. Clean your filter.

3. Test you pH level. Make sure you check the expiry date of the test strips before using. Your test strips will not give you an accurate reading if they were stored improperly over the winter or if they are expired.

4.  If your pH level is above 7.2:

     Use some pH minus to lower your pH below 7.2. It is much easier to kill algae and clarify the water when the pH is below 7.2. Having a high pH will make it much more difficult for clarifying products to work and will increase the amount of chemicals needed by up to four times.

5. Choose your clarifying method:

     a) Correct Kit:

         The Correct Kit is a 48 hour kit that will kill and eliminate any algae in the pool. The steps are as followed:

         1. Add contents of the three (3) pouches of SHOK CORRECT to the pool water, away from the skimmer.

         2. Add contents of SHOK ULTRA to the pool water, away from the skimmer.

         3. Add the entire contents of the CLARITA (also known as a KLEAR SOK) to the skimmer basket.

         4. Keep the pump running for 48 hours!

         5. Run a backwash after the 48 hour period is up.

      b) No Kit:

          1. Add _____ mL/L of PISCI KILL 600 to pool water.

          2. Wait ___ hours before moving to the next step.

          3. Add __ pouches of your preferred shock treatment.

          4. Wait ___ hours before moving to the next step.

          5. If you have a sand filter, add a CLARITA to your skimmer basket. If you have a cartridge filter, add ___ mL/L of CLARIFIER.

          6. Wait 24 hours and after the 24 hour period is up you can run a backwash.

It is normal for the water to seem cloudy or a white grey color at first. Not to worry, that is a good sign! The change of color indicates that the algae is dying and will soon be clear. Depending on how thick the algae was, you may require a second shock and clarifying treatment. 

Once the initial treatment is done, it is very important to start balancing your water in order to make sure the treatment last and the algae does not return. You are more than welcome to drop in store for a free water test!


Tip to maintain a clear pool:

1. Test your water frequently to assure you have the proper amount of sanitizer in the water and your other parameters such as you pH, alkalinity, and calcium are balanced.

2. Vacuum weekly.

3. Clean out both the pump and skimmer baskets weekly.

4. Perform a backwash if your PSI is high.

5. Shock your pool weekly to eliminate combine chlorine and add some algaecide.


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