Pool Protect Cell Ultra 3 in 1 - 5kg

Pool Protect Cell Ultra 3 in 1 - 5kg

Sani Marc
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All-in-One for Salt Generator

PROTECT CELL ULTRA 3 IN 1 is designed to prolong the life of salt cells, delay corrosion, leave pool water crystal clear and improve bather comfort with just one yearly application each spring  . PROTECT CELL ULTRA 3 IN 1 also increases the efficiency of salt chlorine generators to improve water quality. Its balanced pH formula will not affect water parameters.

  • Preserves salt cells and delays corrosion
  • Prolongs the efficiency of sanitizers
  • Leaves skin feeling soft
Must be used once in the spring after the pool opening.
Add PROTECT CELL ULTRA 3 IN 1 according to the application method and recommended dosage.
Add the required quantity in 2 applications; wait 1 hour between applications.
Wait 30 minutes after the second application before using the pool.