Spa Marvel Water Treatment and Conditioner 473mL

Spa Marvel Water Treatment and Conditioner 473mL

The Spa Marvel Company Inc.
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Please see the Spa Marvel blog by clicking the resources button at the top of the page for detailed information on the benefits of the wonderful Spa Marvel products as well as usage instructions.

Benefits of using Spa Marvel

  • No more scum lines.
  • No more chemical hassles.
  • No more hot tub rash.
  • Gentle to skin and hair.
  • Conditions water for sensitive skin. People with eczema and psoriasis love using Spa Marvel as this hot tub water treatment improves their condition rather than irritates and dries their skin the way chemicals can.
  • Helps to maintain pH and alkalinity.
  • Prevents scale buildup from occurring and descales deep-seated buildup that can accumulate over time from regular use, especially in hard-water areas, resulting in stronger jets, quieter pumps, more efficient heaters, and overall greater longevity of your equipment.
  • Eliminates foam in a few hours without the use of defoaming agents.
  • Water is so soft & odorless that you won´t feel the need to shower after using your spa & hot tub.
  • 100% guaranteed!

To be used every 3 Months or applied to a freshly filled hot tub. 

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